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[01 May 2006|11:23pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Damn it has been awhile since I did this whole livejournal thingy, i guess it just isnt kool anymore.Thats okay! I just had a few things I needed to get out, I realized today that there are still so many people that I hold grudges against and that I still kept as enemies. And I decided that it is just stupid, stupid bullshit that in my head should never of happended in the first place, yet im still stuck holding grudges. Im getting the fuck out of south florida next year and moving to Orlando hopefully! I will be out of high school and thinking about college but all I really want to do is start over. Im saving my money I already got quite a few bucks, and since I now have a job(CheeBurger CheeBurger in sawgrass motha fuckaas..hehe)), this will all work out! I make decent money and as long as I save it I will be able to accomplish what i want to do. I have a boyfriend who is the most amazing person on the planet, I finally found a person who in my opinion is the greatest person in the world! And thats all I ever wanted. Tomorrow will be 9 months and I am more than happy with that. And finally in a very long time I am content with where my life seems to be going, although the path that I plan to take isnt going to make me rich as fuck, it will make me happy as fuck and that is really all that matters anymore in this fucked world.


Have you ever fallin in love?

Wow... [07 Jan 2006|07:45pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Wow I forgot all about Livejournal...And it has seriosuly been forever since i "updated" this thing. I just went on and was reading my old journals and old journals of some of my friends and it really depressed me, because i miss how everything used to be like back in 8th grade and part of 9th mostly the end of 8th though. Actually i lied scratch that now that i think of it 8th grade kinda sucked too.. And there are many things i am glad to not be a part of now. But it amused me to read how i changed and how my life changed thorughout that time, between boyfriends, freinds, drinking, and drugs, its crazy! Winter Break kinda rocked and im not glad it is over, im actually very sad. Getting drunk with Sabrina, Jeff and Freddie on New Years is amazing even though i wasnt that drunk but watching freddie was probably better than being drunk so its ok! School sucks, i am either graduating next year or this year, or dropping out those are my choices so far. I have an amazing boyfriend! He's actually not a total dirtbag like every single one of my boyfrineds in the past!!! I love my life sometimes, and others i aboslutely hate it and want to kill it in the face. I miss some of my old friends!!! Alright Livejournal is still gay so im out!


Have you ever fallin in love?

1 Thing i hate [19 Jul 2005|10:49pm]
[ mood | I lit your baby on fire ]

1. People talkin shit, to be more specific people talkin shit about my personal life.

If you plan on talkin shit:
A.) Make sure there is no possible way it will ever get to me.
B.) Say the truth, cus that aint talkin shit
C.) If you are gunna make up somethin make it realistic
D.) Dont talk shit in my expense to get scene points.
E.) Dont make promises to me about how you are not goin to tell anyone, when in all reality you are.

♥ Things I love:: ♥

1. friends
2. cosmopolitan
3. hello kitty band aids
4. life
5. jeff
6. pillow fights
7. candles &
8. myspace

Case in point: If you are gunna talk shit about me or ANY ONE of my friends, im gunna hate you!

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Boredom may someday kill me!!!! [28 Apr 2005|01:22pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

[ ] I am bisexual or homosexual.
[x] I've consumed alcohol.
[x] I've run away from home.
[x] I have lied to my parents about where I am.
[ ] I listen to political music.
[ ] I collect comic books.
[x] I shut others out when I'm depressed.
[ ] I open up to others easily.
[x] I am keeping a secret from the world
[x] I watch the news
[x] I own over 5 rap CDs.
[x] I own an iPod or MP3
[x] I own something from Hot Topic.
[x] I love Disney Movies.
[x] I am a sucker for hair/eyes
[x] Have an open mind about things
[ ] I don't kill bugs.
[x] I curse regularly.
[x] I paid for that cell phone ring.
[ ] I am a sports fanatic.
[ ] I have "x"s in my screen name.
[x] I've slipped out a "lol" in a real conversation.
[x] I love Spam.
[x] I bake well.
[x] I would wear pajamas to school.
[x] I own something from Abercrombie.
[ ] I have a job.
[ ] I love Martha Stewart.
[x] I am in love with love
[x] I am self conscious.
[x] I like to laugh.
[ ] I smoke a pack a day.
[ ] I loved Perks of Being a Wallflower.
[x] I loved Go Ask Alice.
[x] I have cough drops when I'm not sick.
[ ] I can't swallow pills.
[x] I eat fast food weekly.
[x] I have many scars.
[x] I've been out of this country.
[ ] I can't sleep if there is a spider in the room.
[x] I am really ticklish.
[ ] I see a therapist.
[ ] I love chocolate.
[x] I bite my nails.
[x] I am comfortable with being me. (sometimes)
[x] I play video games.
[x] Gotten lost in my city.
[x] Saw a shooting star
[x] Been to any other countries besides the united states
[ ] I Had a serious Surgery
[x] Gone out in public in your pajamas
[x] I have Kissed a Stranger
[x] Hugged a stranger
[ ] Been in a fist fight
[x] Been arrested
[x] Pushed all the buttons on an elevator
[x] Made out in an elevator
[x] Swore at your parents
[x] Kicked a guy where it hurts
[x] Been close to love
[x] Been to a casino
[ ] Been skydiving
[ ] Broken a bone
[x] Skipped school
[ ] Flashed someone
[x] Saw a therapist
[x] Played spin the bottle
[ ] Gotten stitches
[ ] Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour
[x] Bitten somebody
[x] Been to Niagara Falls
[x] Gotten the chicken pox
[ ] Crashed into a friend's car
[ ] Been to Japan
[x] Ridden in a taxi
[x] Shoplifted
[ ] Been fired
[ ] Ever had a crush on someone of the same sex
[x] Had feelings for someone who didnt have them back
[ ] Stole something from your job
[x] Gone on a blind date
[x] Lied to a friend
[ ] Had a crush on a teacher
[ ] Celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans
[ ] Been to Europe
[ ] Slept with a co-worker
[ ] Been married
[ ] Gotten divorced
[ ] Had children
[ ] Saw someone dying
[ ] Been to Africa
[x] Driven over 400 miles in one day
[x] Been to Canada
[x] Been to Mexico
[x] Been on a plane
[x] Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show
[ ] Thrown up in a bar
[ ] Eaten Sushi
[ ] Been snowboarding
[x] Been Skiing
[x] Met someone in person from the internet
[ ] Been to a moto cross show
[ ] Lost a child
[ ] Gone to college
[ ] Graduated college
[ ] Done hard drugs
[x] Taken painkillers
[x] Had someone cheat on you
[x] Miss someone right now

That was boring..i just had to conform n be just like everyone else for a little while there...Sorry this is what boredom does to someone!!!!

Have you ever fallin in love?

>>>FUCK<<< [31 Mar 2005|08:03pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Am i really that big of a bitch....Do i deserve to be treated like a fuckin skank

Seriously someone answer me truthfully........


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[06 Mar 2005|11:36am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Highs n lows of the past couple of weeks...

-Got ditched for "funny lookin" people..funny lookin isnt really the word i would use but i am just tryin to be nice or somethin
+Went to regal for the first time in forever
+++Me n kidd broke up
-me n kidd broke up
Im a confused person
-I have a stalker..haha
+Rode my horses
-+saw/talked to weird people
-ended up standing outside a liquor store at 11 with just four girls in a really bad neighborhood
+I am gettin married!!!
++i miss at least 2 days of school a week
-But i have bad grades now
-My computer broke
+ talk to people i thought i would never in my life talk to again

A lot more happend i am just havin a sudden loss of memory..oh well

Yeah all in all these past couple of weeks have been really weird n not good but things are startin to get better, i think, i hope they get better..lol..

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[14 Feb 2005|11:21pm]
[ mood | Fuck everyone!!! ]

Well Valentines day SUCKS!! I hope it blows up and DIES!!...

I hope everyone had an AMAZING valentines Day!

It is so overplayed. It is just a day that the huge corporations get to make a bunch of cash. It should be about the emotions and the love not about how much money you spend on a person or what you buy them. It shoul dbe about how you feel and how you express yourself.

iight im out bitches
x0x Kimmy x0x

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12 days till valentines day [02 Feb 2005|08:27pm]
[ mood | weird ]

Well today was scary...i had to give my speech about a teddy bear an old friend gave me, sunglasses, a bag, and my cell phone. It was the scariest experience of my life but i got through it okay i guess...It was funny when Ludy went up she just started rambling on about nothing..haha amzing ludy=tru gangsta....Well i was sick all last week and i think i am sick again or somethin somebody kill me now..Chilli Cookoff was amazing and Britt has amazing pictures...haha those are great...

Valentines Day is coming up...Its a big betting day for me!! LOL

12 days till Valentines day..haha britt

The more you, put me through,
The more it makes me wanna come back to you,
You say you hate me, I just love you more,
You don't want me, I just want you more,
I buy you flowers, you throw 'em at me,
I know it's sad but it's makin me happy,
The more that you slap me, the more that it turns me on,
Cuz you love me, and I love you more.
~Eminem- I love you more~
>>>Interesting song<<<

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[10 Jan 2005|08:01pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Well back to another boring day of school. Today was hell!! It really sucked to be back in school again after such a kick ass winter break. But Sam was in my lunch again so its OK. It was by far the best Winter Break yet.

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[19 Dec 2004|02:30pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

So this weekend has been beyond good...it was fun as hell mann..gotta love it....well uh im sad i guess cus kidd left for coco beach or however you spell it for a lil while..tear..oh well ill lvie lol...christmas is guna be funn...so is friday...mwhahah...im goin to north carolina with my love...lol...im leaving on the 29th n comin back the 2nd(ludys birthday???))...im goin snowboarding this time instead os skiing cus i went skiing last year n also like a week or two ago n i hate it i liek broke my legs...oh well i hope North Carolina goes better this year than it did last year...haha oh shit not so happy memories...oh well...
...fuck the world bitches...
x0x Kimmy x0x

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[08 Dec 2004|09:03pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

Eww everyone did i ever tlel you i was manly....yepp well i am obviously...hahahahha....oh boy am i loving every mintue of my fuckin life now....now that there are certain people outta my life completely if i could explain to you the load off of my shoulders now i think youd pass out like i did hte day i finally made this new step in my life...mwhahahaha...omg life=love n love=happiness..omg im lovin it..i dont even think you guys understand...

anyways...i do not kno what i want for christmas jimmney crickets i cant figure it out...hmmm i duno..oh well
x0x Kimmy x0x

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[22 Nov 2004|05:08pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Well my weekend has been very interesting to just say the least....Oh baby i love you soo much thank you soo much remind me to kiss you next time i see you...ew gag me..can we say restraining order....anyways friday night was interesting i went to regal with britt we saw kidd n mike n his gf n some other randomness people that i didnt exactly kno...yeah regal was actually so much fun we got kicked outta the dollar store n then we went to walgreens n bought cough drops, chap stick, eye drops cus my contacts were killin me, and somethig else that i dont remember ow..lol..that was about it on friday...saturday went to regal again met up with mike n kidd for a couple n then they left....so me n britt WALKED all the way to starbbucks scariest experience of my life..lol..some kids drove by n said something liek suck my dick n i yelled something like ew your sick at them n then they turned aorund so me n brittt ran through a bush into towngate n hid in there for a lil while n then when we go tto the interescting at sheridan and dykes i alomost got hit by a car..haha great times love it...then we got back to regal n went home...sunday i got my nails done i think they look good...n then i ate at carluccis or soemthing that place is frekin weird mann cus liek when i used my credit card it liek had my credit card number on the recipt i thought they had to cross htat shit out i duno it was stange...n then i saw the sponge bob movie it was so bad mann...it was kinda funny thoguh liek some parts like sponge bob getting drunk it was random...the movie so so0o0o stupid that is what made it even remotely funny...like it was so freakin stupid it was kinda amusing...oh yeah n did i mention I LOVE KIDD!!!
x0x Kimmy x0x

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Random Facts that id liek to share with everyone!!! [08 Nov 2004|06:46pm]
[ mood | enraged ]

I have a boyfriend whom in some weird twisted sort of a way i like

I hate EVERY single guy on this planet

I love Britt

I hate ex-boyfriends (i hate the idea not the persons)

I hate hypocrites

I do contradict myself n am hypocritcal at times

I hate my school visously n i wish for it to parish or somethin

I have cheated on a boyfriend before

I absolutly cannot stand people

I wish i was happy

I am not a slut

I do love someone

I dont care if people read this cus its out of pure anger or love

anythin else i did not mention that has been on my mind lately n ppl have decided to be gay n bring up with me if i remember ill post if i dont then ill get the fuck over it as well as everyone else

Much love bitches,
x0x Kimmy x0x

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[15 Sep 2004|04:50pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Ok everyone lets get one fucking thing straight KIDD is MY fucking BOYFRIEND

I hate all this drama...I fucking hate it People fighting for me people fighting against me jesus chrsit its getting really annoying...Thank you everyone on my side n I love all of you guys but i relized this is just creating drama...n Kidd says how he doesnt liek drama well wtf does he think this is guna do oh of course there will be absolutly no drama with this right??..Ok well if this chick i really hotter than me then so be it ok great she takes Kidd trust me Ill live...Ill just go out n get someone hotter than Kidd...Dont get me wrong I like Kidd alot obviously or else I woulda broken up with him already I wouldnt be goin through this gay shit right now...Cus some shit people know about me is that i dont liek drama either so i dont create drama..But from what people keep telling me about this girl who obviously i dont kno kidd would be pretty fucked up to break up with me for her..but hey whatever tickles his pickle mann...


x0x Kimmy x0x

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